December 25, 2009

I began writing This Normal Life in August 2002 when our cousin Marla Bennett was killed in the terror attack at Hebrew University on July 31, 2002. This Normal Life chronicles so-called “normal” life in Israel. When I first started publishing, it was the height of the second Intifada; it became my aim was to show that Israelis were not all cowering in fear, unwilling to step outside, visit a cafe or ride a bus.

Over the years, as the violence waxed and waned, I have been writing more about family, technology, the ironic elements of living in Israel, religion, restaurant reviews and even (gasp) politics.

This Normal Life has been widely syndicated over the years. These days, my posts often start on the popular Israelity blog where they are then adapted and expanded to appear here on TNL.

If you like what you read, consider hiring me. This what I do – write, with a special focus on creating content for social media. You can visit Blum Interactive Media, my corporate site, to read my full bio and check out my portfolio of 20 years (I also blog there too). Drop me a line at brian@bluminteractivemedia.com.