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The Einstein Effect

July 14, 2024

With 20 million followers, Albert Einstein is the most popular dead celebrity on Facebook. A new book tells how Einstein got so popular.

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“Dissident dialogues” pits pro- and anti-Israel pundits against each other

June 30, 2024

To understand why the world seems to have erupted in antisemitic rhetoric after October 7, listen to this debate from “Dissident Dialogues.”

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A Saudi “day after” plan for Gaza

June 17, 2024

Israel is losing the war with Hamas in Gaza. But there’s a way out. The answer lies to the east – in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

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Where’s the antisemitism?

April 6, 2024

Our family recently spent two weeks in the U.S. So, you’re probably wondering whether we experienced any of the antisemitism that’s been reported.

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My vote for Jerusalem city council

February 25, 2024

Elections are coming up in Jerusalem this week. Here’s who I’m voting for: The Jerusalem Union, headed by Yossi Havilio.

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First-hand report of antisemitism at The New School

January 27, 2024

Jonathan Telsin, a 21-year-old trumpet player from Tel Aviv, has been living in New York City where he’s studying jazz at The New School. Then Oct. 7 happened.

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Jihad – Where religion and murder meet

December 17, 2023

Want to understand the war between Israel and Hamas. Sam Harris addresses the connection between religion, murder and jihad in his podcast.

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The memes of war

December 3, 2023

Since the war to eradicate Hamas in the Gaza Strip began, I’ve been collecting social media memes. Here are some of the most memorable.

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November 19, 2023

“Betrayal.” That’s how Shimrit Meir described her feelings following the surge of antisemitic speeches, letters, marches and violence since October 7.

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Are missiles messing with your love life?

November 5, 2023

As the initial shock recedes and the war proceeds apace, rockets remain a constant. And that’s messing with my love life. What else?

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