Judaism’s epistemic crisis

November 22, 2017

Are we on the verge of an “epistemic crisis?” Vox Magazine’s David Roberts seems to think so. And it has implications for battles we’re seeing in the Jewish world, from the Western Wall to the army induction office.

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High hopes for medical cannabis from Israel

October 13, 2017

Israel may have finally figured out a way to stop BDS. We’ll get the BDS leaders so stoned they won’t be able to demonize us anymore.

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Climate change, Hitler and the Syrian civil war: how bleak is our future?

November 17, 2015

As the civil war in Syria shows no sign of slowing down, prompting millions of refugees to flee from that war-torn shell of a country towards an overwhelmed Europe, a study appearing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences earlier this year added an entirely new perspective to my understanding of the causes […]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Better Place (from an Electric Car Owner)

June 30, 2013

As owners of a Renault electric vehicle, we have been deluged with questions since Better Place — the company that runs the electric car network in Israel — announced its bankruptcy at the end of last month. Since many of the questions tend to be the same, I put together a brief Q&A on those […]

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Electric Parade

June 10, 2013

There were two parades taking place on Friday in Tel Aviv. Just a few kilometers from the better exposed of the two, the city’s annual Gay Pride Parade, a smaller group was standing up for its right to make the world a better place in its own way. Several hundred owners of 100% electric cars from the […]

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First Person Electric

January 7, 2013

When I was growing up in the 1960s, like many of my pseudo-hippie peers, I had a typically utopian vision of how the future would play out. There would be world peace, of course. We’d be able to instantaneously zip from one location to another by stepping into street corner teleportation devices that would take […]

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OSCAR the Grouch

November 2, 2012

On Sunday, Better Place held their first ever customer event. A couple of hundred Better Place electric car owners – including us – descended on the company’s Herzliya showroom to hear from Better Place staff the inside scoop on where the company is headed. It was an electric gas to see so many petrol-free cars in one […]

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“Houses from Within” Returns to Jerusalem With More Trains

October 30, 2012

The annual “Houses from Within” weekend is one of my favorite Jerusalem adventures. The event opens tens of normally private homes and institutions to the public. Dwellings owned by artists like successful sculptor Giora Segal, who renovated a small house in Motza (not technically in Jerusalem) built on top of a Second Temple period cave, […]

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Getting a Charge in Jerusalem

October 12, 2012

I knew as soon as I’d read Saul Singer’s best selling book “Startup Nation” that I wanted one: a 100% electric car from the Israeli “startup” Better Place. Well, not exactly a startup. With an investment of over $750 million to date, Better Place is one of the highest-flying potential game changers to come out of Silicon Wadi. […]

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Stepping Out on the New Jerusalem Bike Trail

October 5, 2012

I’ve never been a cyclist, but after seeing some of the incredible bike trail ringing Jerusalem, I think I’m might just have to take up the sport. Every year, during the intermediary days of the Sukkot holiday, the city sponsors the Tzada’at Yerushalayim – translated as roughly “Jerusalem Steps”(or perhaps better “Jerusalem March”  – a series […]

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