The Personal Beach Concierge

by Brian on August 29, 2012

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I have a love-hate relationship with the beach. Speaking with friends, I know I’m not the only one. But I may have a solution…and a potential moneymaker to boot.

The love part: dipping in the warm Mediterranean waters of August (after the jellyfish of July have jumped ship); feeling the sand between my toes; chilling with a book or the weekend newspaper; and the simple pleasure of hanging out with family.

The hate part: the mix of salt and hardening sand that crusts up all over your body, especially on those same toes that just moments before were in such heaven; the tiny crystals of beach yuck that stains your glasses and which, if you try to wipe it off, will irreparably scratch the multifocal lenses you paid thousands of shekels for; the sand that lodges itself in your Crocs making it painful to walk back to the car or hotel.

We just spent a few days on vacation along the beach and living with this dichotomy made it hard to muster the initiative – or should I call it courage – to head to the shore each day, despite my family’s entreaties (for the record, I gave in).

However, after much contemplation, I think I’ve come up with a solution to my problem: thepersonal beach concierge. Just like you have to pay to rent plastic chairs and umbrellas for a more comfortable stay on most Tel Aviv area beaches, I propose a service where you could also rent your own exit assistant.

Here’s how it would work: as you prepare to leave the beach, your concierge would arrive and clean off all the sand. He (or she – you can choose) would make sure that both your feet and Crocs are clean and dry before you head out. Any errant mud would be modestly removed. Your concierge service would stop once you’ve actually left the beach (sorry, no personal shower service).

The personal concierge service is an idea waiting for venture capital. Sure, it’s kind of low tech, but not only would it be good for sandaphobics like me, but it would create new jobs. The conditions would be great even if the pay would be minimum wage.

So, I put it out to you: who would like to join me in this clearly lucrative business endeavor? Investors? Business partners? Don’t all chime in at once. Think about it and then drop me a line in the comments section after this blog post. But don’t wait too long…the summer is waning and I’m planning to go public as soon as water cools down enough…because this is one hot offer. And the best part: you get your own personal beach concierge…for free! How’s that for service?

I made my radical beach proposal previously on Israelity.

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1 Val August 29, 2012 at 5:51 pm

You just need the magic of baby powder. Bring some next time, then watch how the talc magically releases sand and prepares your delicate skin for the hideous croc- walk out.

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