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by Brian on November 10, 2010

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Pamela Anderson with "thrilled" bodyguard in Jerusalem Sunday (picture from Ynet)

It took a visit to Israel to finally get Pamela Anderson to cover up. The famously immodest former Baywatch star, in Israel to appear on the local version of “Dancing with the Stars,” visited the Western Wall Sunday evening, eliciting a snarky comment in Ynet which reported that “the visit evoked great interest among many men in the area.”

How those men even knew it was Anderson is an interesting question: except for a wisp of blond hair poking out and a flash of that famous Anderson smile, Anderson was camouflaged in a pleasantly purple shawl – a very fashionable Israeli burkah, if you will.

Ynet has plenty of pictures, including one where she appears with what the article captioned a “thrilled bodyguard” (for the record, he looked entirely nonplussed).

Anderson’s visit to the Wall won’t be her only overlap with the ultra-Orthodox this week. An avid advocate for ethical treatment of animals, Anderson is planning to meet with Israeli members of Knesset to express her support for a bill to ban fur imports to Israel. The bill is currently stuck over concerns by religious leaders that it could negatively impact on the fur hats worn by some Hassidic sects.

“It’s almost 2011. There are so many alternatives to things. We can be compassionate in our choices,” Anderson said.

Anderson admitted that she hasn’t always been taken seriously. “A lot of my career has been frivolous and silly,” she said in an article appearing in The Jerusalem Post.  She’s hoping that her political advocacy (as well as her dancing skills) will help change that.

Still, might Anderson be worried that, in the age of pervasive (some would say pernicious) YouTube, some Israeli videographer might mash-up the visit to the Wall with her X-rated Internet romp with former husband Tommy Lee?

That’s a risk she’ll have to take. “I’ve always wanted to come here,” she said in the Post article. “We don’t get to hear about all the wonderful things in Israel, and just looking out my window here at the hotel and seeing the beautiful beach, my goodness, it’s gorgeous! I’m sure I’ll be going back with raving reviews.”

As will the men who timed their evening prayers right last night.

Ms. Anderson went incognito earlier this week on the Israelity blog. Also read my colleague David Brinn’s take on her visit to Israel.

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1 observer November 11, 2010 at 12:32 pm

Nice article.
The last line was not necessary.
While there are those that may have dual interests (G-d/prayer vs the visitor) there are many men who both guard their eyes from eyeing women, and men who don’t even know who this is–not to mention even present at the time. I think it introduces an inappropriate vibe to the rest of your article.

Every person needs to have a space in their mind/being that is more sacred than the rest of their life. Even the Temple was structured that way. This woman can see it’s a sacred place, and saw the good in Israel. This is something positive, that there is a positive spark there.

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