Memorial for Walter Blum – Oseh Shalom

by Brian on June 23, 2010

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(מן התפילה)

This is the eighth and final post in the series from the memorial for my father, Walter Blum, who passed away last year. The event mixed music and humanistic interpretations of Jewish texts to try to share what my father was like and what he was passionate about.

The verses to this final song are the conclusion to the Kaddish prayer. When we were planning this evening, I shared with Yoel and Daphna my difficulty saying Kaddish, but how I love the music during prayer. I asked them if they could write a new tune specifically for Kaddish.

Yoel started to strum and within 5 minutes they’d created a beautiful melody for the last line of Kaddish. Perhaps this will be the way that I can say Kaddish – either in shul or privately – singing quietly to myself. Maybe this tune will even be adopted as a way to end the Kaddish in the service itself (since this writing, Nava Tehila has adopted Oseh Shalom as the conclusion to Ma’ariv). I invite you now to sing with me as we end the evening.

To view the entire memorial evening on a single page, please click here.

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