Blogging the War

by Brian on July 17, 2006

in In the News,Living Through Terror,War with Hezbollah

You may have been wondering why I haven’t blogged the war that has been raging in Israel. I have…but not here on This Normal Life…yet.

I’ve been hired by Jewish Renaissance Media to provide daily posts on the war on its sites:, the Detroit Jewish News and the Atlana Jewish News. Those reports began appearing today and I will provide links direct to from my main blog site. Please visit for complete coverage.

Don’t worry, This Normal Life isn’t going away. This temporary change of format will help ensure that JRM can provide the best coverage to its readers, which in turn helps compensate me for increasing my output from weekly to daily reporting.

It is my sincere prayer – for all of us here in Israel and abroad – that this war, which was thrust upon us unprovoked and unwelcomed, will be concluded swiftly, but most important, successfully. Make no mistake about it, this is no less than a battle for our existence, one that Israel cannot afford to lose.

— Brian

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